About Us

Freshly Ground entertainment private limited is a Mumbai based Advertising and Production agency offering various services in Advertising, campaign designing, Animation, Video Film & Broadcast Services. With strong industry alliances, in-house production and post-production facilities, we are capable of delivering international quality service with more production value. At Freshly Ground, we also deliver world-class post-production and VFX for the advertising, digital and television industries. We work out of offices in Mumbai with a dedicated digital infrastructure.


We believe in specialisation and collaboration. We think the best work comes from the combined talents of specialists from different fields. We believe art and business are not mutually exclusive and we strive to seamlessly fuse them. Bringing together the best people from different fields is the key to getting the most inspiring and influential work. Our aim is to inspire, challenge and drive decision making. We are always striving for better, to find that little something in an idea that separates it from the mediocre and propels it to the extraordinary.


Our mission, other than to create the perfect cup of coffee, is to produce cutting edge creative work to seamlessly merge art and business with an outcome that emotes, creates change, inspires action and influences decisions. We are artists and entrepreneurs at heart and creation is our passion. We love to collaborate and thrive in the pressure cooker of creative challenges. We are driven by The Idea and it's our mission to help people find solutions to problems and to create inspiring work that moves people and gets them thinking